Monday, November 13, 2006

John Cashman Hesitantly Urges You, "Try it..."

"...for laughs." (Hercules, 1959)

"...if you're in the mood." (Meet Me in Las Vegas, 1956)

"...but don't expect too much." (Rocketship X-M, 1951)

"...if only for [James Cagney]." (Never Steal Anything Small, 1959)

"...if only to watch Thomas Mitchell out act everybody in sight." (Flight From Destiny, 1941)

"...for the acting and what it attempts." (Night Moves, 1975)

"...if you care." (Not With My Wife You Don't, 1966)

"...if you must." (Three Days of the Condor, 1975)

"'s almost a winner." (Mask of Dimitrios, 1944)

"...if nothing else is on." (Impasse, 1969)

"...on a slow night." (The Unfaithful, 1947)

"...for old times' sake." (Now, Voyager, 1942)

"...if only for old times' sake." (God's Little Acre, 1958)

"...if only for the novel view." (John and Mary, 1969)

"'s not too bad." (Tombstone, 1942)

"...if the beat to quarters gets to you." (Captain Horatio Hornblower, 1951)

"...if the hour is right and the mood is upon you." (Blood of the Vampire, 1958)

And my favorite:

"...when you're feeling blue." (The Brighton Strangler, 1945)

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Anonymous said...

He loved the Godfather Movie.